Skills, Awareness campaigns
Child Welfare SA Nelspruit runs various programs in Nelspruit and surrounding community. The emphasis is to inform, empower and uplift and in this way better equip children and families for a better life. Programs run are:
·         Parenting Skills (in the rural areas) on topics of a general nature on how to be the most effective parents
·         Life skills are presented in schools in and around Nelspruit on subject matter such as Hygiene, HIV, Self awareness and Empowerment.
          Creches also benefit from these life skills sessions.
·         Boy Child and Girl Child are programs presented to children and teenagers during school holidays – the main aim to provide occupation thereby reducing
          their risk of vulnerability.
·         Awareness campaigns are presented in communities and schools highlighting HIV, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence and Gender based violence. These
          campaigns are also presented in creches.

These skills and awareness campaigns are held on an ongoing basis and we are always in need of stationary materials and refreshments for these sessions.

Back to School Project
Back to school project is a project we have always run particularly at the start of the year, as there is always such a need for assistance at the beginning of the year when schools begin and children need uniform and stationary. Of course nearer the winter there is also a need to ensure that children have a school jersey or a track suit/tracksuit top. Shoes are an ongoing item of clothing that children need support with. If you would like to kit out a child or assist in kitting out part of a child’s uniform please feel free to contact us. Passing on second hand school clothing is also very helpful. Generally a white collared shirt and grey longs is the standard uniform in our Mpumalanga region.

Drop in Centres (Woodhouse, Phakama and Buhle Besive)
The Drop in centres are designed to feed children on a daily basis from Monday to Friday. We require a basic nutritious meal for approximately 205 school going children.  In this way we are certain that children remain healthy and have the ability to function fully in their school life without feeling the effects of hunger such as fatigue, poor health and nausea. This project can be adopted by anyone wishing to provide any food no matter how big or small. Basic foods required for this are: fresh vegetables, maize meel, stock powder, tomatoes, onions packet soups, rice, chicken, meat, dry beans ( great source of protein) and cordial and then tea, milk and sugar for the winter months.

Creches-ECDs (Ben Educare Centre and Skom Mataffin Creche )
These two creches within our area of service, are not funded or subsidized by the Dep of Education yet. These creches are in the process of applying for funding to the Dep of Education but until such time as they are on their feet, we will do our best to assist in whatever way we can. A great number of toys that are donated to our organization go out to creches in order to give them something to get on with in the way of educational and or outdoor play. Food and refreshment provision for these creches is also a fundamental need. There are currently 41 children attending these 2 Early Learning Centres. Once creches are registered and receiving funding, we do go on to assist new creches emerging.

Weekly food parcels.
We hand out weekly food parcels on Wednesdays to families in need. This also includes any foods or any household goods and cleaning materials.  Currently we hand out 25 food parcels weekly consisting of a variety of foods, all dependant on what we receive during the start of the week from donors who support us.  We seldom have toiletries or household cleaning products to hand out to families so this is certainly an area of need for us. We would certainly like to provide support  to additional families however currently we manage to hand out 25 parcels with what we are donated.

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