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All a child wants to see is the new day break  and when that thought is threatened children kneel and pray.....Victoria Martinez

Many children are waiting for someone to help them see a new day break and a possibility, Child Welfare seeks to help children realise their wish for a better day. This is an endless gift which can only be achieved with your help. Child Welfare Nelspruit is an Non-governmental organisation which relies on funding and donations from well-wishers to continue doing the wonderful work with children. We are looking for sponsors who are interested in funding a range of project activities for children. You may choose to contribute on a one-time or with recurring gift. Such gift can be of financial or material endowment.

Our material needs include:

Food (for infants, toddlers and young adults); school uniforms, stationary, clothes, cleaning material, furniture for day care centres, water pump, fertilizers; seedlings & first aid kit. Second hand clothing, New clothing, Second hand toys, New toys, Unused and old stationary still good enough to use, New stationary, Support with school uniform, Old furnishings, Old office furniture, Homeware– blankets, second hand linen, curtaining towels etc

Food for families in need —dry food, tinned, food, frozen food and even fresh food. Toiletries for families in need —bath soap, toothpaste, washing powder, sanitary pads, Baby milk fomula - when we need it.

Your skills such as fundraising, marketing, Assisting with finding donations for fundraisers.
Assisting with finding donations for families in need.
Assistance with our fundraisers on the day and possibly even before

Look out for our collection tins in town and get generous!
Our collection bins are situated at  Loerie Pre primary.
Please remember that any donation from second hand clothing to books to toys and food can be placed in the bins. In fact anything in your home that you no longer have a use for will be welcome. Our offices are situated in town at 10 Ehmke Street so please remember us when you are clearing out your cupboards or moving house. Many families benefit from what you no longer require.

Family Placements:
Family placements are generally recognised as the healthiest environment in which to raise orphaned or children in need of care and protection. Child Welfare needs support from families who can avail their homes for foster and temporary safe care placement for children in need and protection.

Appeal for new school clothes
Appeal for new school clothes and stationary for children for 2018 and throughout the year
This is an appeal for assistance to provide new school clothes for children that don’t have clothing to be proud of.  Children need school shoes, socks, shirts, shorts/trousers and dresses and in the winter jerseys or track suit tops. Any contribution will be appreciated. If you have decent second hand clothing or shoes for school children please consider giving them to us.  Stationary is also a necessity for many children and we would like to appeal to our readers to consider giving us stationary no longer needed and still in reasonable condition or to consider supporting us by buying the basics. Scientific calculators are a need for high school children as well as basic calculators for primary school children.

Please contact us if you are able to assist with this project in any way. 

Your participation is always much appreciated!



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