Child Welfare SA Nelspruit was established during 1937 after Ms K. Hall of HL Hall and Sons (Mataffin) invited a number of ladies to meet in Nelspruit to hear Ms Freda Hartle speak on benevolent work in Johannesburg, Durban and Irene. The outcome of the meeting was the formulation of “The Un-denominational Benevolent Society”.  We have thus been affiliated to National Council for Child Welfare since 1 December 1937. The date the fundraising number was issued was 19 January 1981 and we were registered as a Welfare Organization on 31 August 1981. The first subsidy was granted on 1 July 1981.  Our organization’s name was entered into the NPO Register on 3 October 2000.

Since 1937 Child Welfare SA Nelspruit has been rendering valuable services as a community based, non-governmental organization, with the object to relieve social problems experienced by children and their families.
Over the years the focus of service delivery has shifted from specialized welfare service delivery to a more integrated service aimed at the development and well being of broad focus groups – children, youth, women families and identified communities.
Some of the highlights of the work of Child Welfare SA Nelspruit have been the development of services towards community upliftment. In 1995 community development projects were done by a student social worker of our organization. A social auxiliary worker was then appointed during 1998, and since then projects have been developed by a full time Social Auxilliary Worker in order to render services of upliftment in the community.
Fairyland Day Care Centre was another initiative of Child Welfare SA Nelspruit back in 1988 and with the support of Grace Davids, a counselor and resident of Nelsville, it was agreed that an ECD could be registered for the needs of the Nelsville community and the rest is history!  The present building belongs to the Municipality (it used to house the Nelsville Clinic) and there is an agreement between Child Welfare SA Nelspruit and the Muncipality that we can continue to utilize the building. There has been much improvement and extensions to the buildings to cater for the growing numbers. Fairyland started out with 10 to 12 children and now is a centre of excellence for 110 children under the auspices of Janet Vincent.

Dinkeyland was a result of further fundraising done to take care of the need for a Day care centre in Nelspruit. The property (Henshalls house) on the corner of Ehmke and Russell Street was bought and the Care centre ran for many years. It was then taken over by a private entrepreneur, our organization receiving rent from the property and it continued as a day care centre until the property was sold to Valencia Car Alarms.
Between 1998 and 2001 Child Welfare SA Nelspruit addressed a need for a place of safety for children in need of care, with the opening of Asfaleia Place of Safety. Vigorous fundraising was accomplished by the Fundraising committee of Child Welfare SA Nelspruit and the property used for the Place of Safety was purchased. Service clubs being Rotary, Lions and Round Table helped equip the place of safety once it became a reality.  Unfortunately its doors had to close after only a few years of service to the community.
In September 2006 we were granted an increase in the number of staff being subsidized by the Department of Social Services.   The subsidy includes support for four social workers, one chief social worker and one social auxiliary worker. In 2008 we were granted a further increase in a subsidy for a further social worker.

Other funding that we have access to is being able to make application to the National Lottery Fund which is generally on an annual basis.
The Peter Cruse Child Welfare Nelspruit Golf day goes back many years and with the help of Mr Peter Cruse, Sally Blair’s father and his vigorous fundraising, the event raised very large sums of money. The Golf Day has subsequently been named the Peter Cruse Child Welfare SA Nelspruit Golf Day. It is still held annually and although in recent times it has not been a big fundraiser, it picked up considerably in 2011 with the help of Gary Friend and Gavin Cocks of HiQ Tyres.
 Sally Blair (ne Cruse) succeeded Anne Caetano/ Margie Wood as Child Welfare Nelspruit Chairperson in about 1978 serving the community in this role for about 15 years. Sally’s committee consisted of Annemie Douglas, Liza Bam and Anna Bremner along with a few others.

Grace Simelane has been with the organization since 1986  providing us with many faithful years of unbroken service.  Grace started out cleaning the office which was a small office in central Nelspruit (Bester Street near the Old Trust Bank and Landbank.)  Staff consisted of just 1 Social Worker and an assistant in the office. The premises became inadequate to accommodate the staff and alternative premises were secured down in 3 Jones Street Nelspruit. It was after the property where Asfaleia Place of Safety was housed and also the old Dinkeyland property that afforded the committee to purchase 10 Ehmke Street where we are presently situated.

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