We focus on the following four levels of Services:

Prevention Services

  • This is the most important aspect of social service delivery. Services delivered at this level are aimed at strengthening and building the capacity and self-reliance of the client. At this level the client is functioning at an adequate level but there is a possibility   of at-risk behaviour at a later stage.

Early Intervention Statutory Services

  • Services delivered at this level make use of developmental and therapeutic programmes to ensure that those who have been identified as being at risk are assisted before they require statutory services, more intensive intervention or placement in alternative care.

Statutory services

  • At this level an individual has either become involved in some form of court case or is no longer able to function adequately in the community, and services are aimed at supporting and strengthening the individual involved. At this level a client may have to be removed from his/her normal place of abode , either by court order or on the recommendation of a service provider, to alternative care (e.g.. foster care) or placed in a residential facility.

Continuum of Care Services

  • The previous intervention is aimed at providing alternative care which should wherever possible be a temporary measure, followed by reconstruction/aftercare services to enable the client to return to the family or community as quickly as possible. Services delivered at this level are aimed at reintegration and support services to enhance self-reliance and optimal social functioning.
  • Safety and well-being of children and of all family members is paramount. Strengthening and preserving families is the best way to promote the healthy development of children including stopping violence in the family as well as violence against their mothers.
  • Services are focused on the family as a whole; families are partners in identifying and meeting the children’s needs; and family strengths are identified, enhanced, respected, and mobilized to help families solve the problems which compromise their functioning and well-being.
  • Services promote the healthy development of children and youth, promote permanency for all children and help prepare youth emancipating from the foster care system for self-sufficiency and independent living.
  • Services focus on prevention, protection, or other short or long-term interventions to meet the needs of the family and the best interests of the children and are delivered in a manner that is respectful of and builds on the strengths of the community and cultural groups.
  • Services are organized as a continuum and are linked to a wide variety of supports and services which can be crucial to meeting families’ and children’s needs such as: housing, substance abuse treatment, mental health, health, education, job training, child care and informal support networks.
  • Child and family services are community-based, involve community organizations, parents and residents in their design and delivery, and are accountable to the community and the client’s needs.
  • Services are intensive enough and of sufficient duration to keep children safe and meet family needs. The actual level of intensity and length of time needed to ensure safety and assist the family may vary greatly between preventive, family support, and crisis intervention services (family preservation) based on the changing needs of children and families at various times in their lives. A family or an individual does not need to be in crisis in order to receive services.


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